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Starter menu for 2023 - SUMMER OF PLAY : Sarlat-La-Canéda

Ugly Food House is honoured with all the support and love with our exquisite platters, main meals, and, creative desserts that we prepare in our fine art kitchen. With all the interest and excitement, we continue to feed your creative hunger with our freshly created fine artworks that we make with pure passion and hand-picked ingredients.

During the last couple of years we have been working hard on a couple of secret projects. We are thrilled to invite you all to our first new menu tasting of 2023: Été De Jeu/ Summer Of Play.

Play Is Soul Food, Ugly Food House, and Gorodka Art Insolite have been collaborating to present Summer Of Play; a new selection of artworks created by Master Printmaker, Play Is Soul Food.

We have begun Summer Of Play with a mixed medium residency at Gorodka, followed by an exhibition of large and small scale mixed medium drawings, prints, installations, and moving image artworks. And for dessert, we will present an exquisite on-site performance piece, during the inauguration, which will take place on Wednesday 14th of June. The

opening event will also be accompanied with electronic music .

Gorodka Art Insolite is an unusual art space in rural Sarlat-la-Caneda; a delicious medieval rural town in the South of France, in the region of Dorogne.

Gorodka is not only a multi gallery art space, created over the period of 40 years, but also houses some of Sarlat’s most prolific recycled garden sculptures, with a unique garden light installation throughout the evenings. It is a rare creative space, where being unusual and risky is encouraged and celebrated.

Gorodka was built by artist, poet, architect, Pierre Shasmoukine. This residency and exhibition will be the first presented at Gorodka, after his passing in September 2022.

Summer Of Play : hopes to inspire all to elevate the importance of Play.


All are invited to the


official opening and inauguration:

Wednesday 14th of June

17:00 - 22:30

Gorodka Art Insolite

Boug de La Canéda, Dordogne





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