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Ugly Food House is honored to present this new Fine Art Limited Edition print by international street artist and master calligrapher, Said Dokins.
'GHOSTING SERIES: Hidden Words #01' is the 3rd Limited Edition print we have cooked up here at Ugly Food House with Said. This fresh tasty edition comes with  its own certificate of authnticity signed and chopped by the artist himself, and our In-House master printmaker, Ivonne Adel- Bureos (a.k.a Play Is Soul Food).
'Hidden words #01' is the 1st of a collection of 3 limited edition prints we have been brewing in the Ugly Food House kitchen at our new location in Mexico City.

Video & Photography:

Leonardo Luna 2020



"It addresses the notion of 'phantasmagorie' of the late eighteenth century, a series of optical illusions that referred to horror. If we think of contemporary society, phantasmagoria would appear as that hidden aspect of the illusion of progress. It seems that history teaches us that there is no way to repair the ruins that we are leaving through time and that concealment, that denial of the remains is what appear in reality in the form of a ghost."
                                                                                                                                                                       -Said Dokins-
The 2nd edition print in the 'GHOSTING SERIES: Hidden Words' will be published soon.
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