Fine Art Collaboration: Guadalajara, Mexico

Ugly Food works are a collaboration of techniques, skills, cultures and passions. They aim to elevate the ugly beauty of contemporary mass consumerism with all its gloriously messy semiotics, movements and discoveries. 

Eating the "shit" everyday, and digesting it to create honest, raw, but always fun works of art with a new language. 

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Said Dokins

Caligrapher: Mexico City, Mexico

For Said Dokins, calligraphy and graffiti are intermediate practices of inscription and trace, of twisting symbolic orders and of political enunciation. Dokins lives and works in Mexico City. His cultural practice takes on contemporary art production, research and cultural management. He has put on curatorial projects related to urban arts and a number of political issues happening in his country. Among other awards, is the winner of the Iberoamerican Contemporary Art Creation Prize, Cortes de Cadiz, Juan Luis Vasallo 2015 in Cadiz, Spain. His work as an artist has been shown nationally and internationally in countries as Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Argentina, Chile, Brasil, El Salvador, Peru and others. It takes up the economy of medieval calligraphy, the energy and expressiveness of japanese calligraphy, besides creating a poetic based on pre-phonetic writing. For Dokins every experience is a trace, a psychic impression that creates a texture in our symbolic universe. In that sense, calligraphy and graffiti aren't just on paper and ink, on the walls and spray, but on every event of our existence.

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Raúl Pardo

Design Header: Pictoline, Mexico City, Mexico

Now working and living in Mexico City, the young Pardo is Design Header for the well respected and well known news and information distributors, Pictoline, and half founder of 'The Secret Society' with Alfonso de Anda.

When he is not working, he spends his days searching for smiles with spice. 

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Illustrator & Radio Presenter: Guadalajara, Mexico

Jis is the condensation of the musical magical surrealism of a mushroom and the existentialism of the passing of this and another day also.


His images seem to be formed of clouds; smoke clouds of a pipe, cigar and steam from several cups of tea and a couple cups of coffee; clouds that are clouds and clouds that pass over houses, streets and caves; clouds of breath and text. Jis crosses the landscape of the graphic as cumulonimbus, with life rushing over the earth and watching it fly at the highest elevations.

JIS also is renowned for his comical and informative radio program based in Guadalajara, Mexico - La Chora

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Setphanie St. - Aubre

Multidisciplinary Artist: Gatineau, Canada

Stéphanie St-Jean Aubre is a multidisciplinary artist from Canada. She loves making, participating, being involved. Over the years, she has stepped foot in music, screenprinting, fine art printing, illustration, installation, theater, performance, modeling and so on. She likes to consider all her endeavours as one: being active and creative.

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Victor Hugo Perez.

Fine Artist: Guadalajara, Mexico

Born and working in Guadalajara, Mexico, Victor Hugo Perez has more than 20 years working with different mediums from oil paintings, charcoal and pastel drawings, to sculptures in bronze and ceramic to fine art printmaking techniques. 

Hugo Perez continues to exhibit and explore his raw style throughout the Americas and Europe .

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