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by @matildedigmann

8 Layer Screen-print on Firenze cotton paper 300gms

34 x 49 cm

Edition of 22



Created & Printed @uglyfoodhouse 2022


PRE-Release Sale Wednesday 4th - Thursday 12th of May


Matilde Digmann is a multi-disciplinary Danish artist and author.


From her first to Mexico visit she fell in love with the culture and creativity. She has since been travelling and working in different cities and towns around the country.


Ugly Food House met Mat in 2021 and we finally got her into the Ugly Food House kitchen in the begining of 2022. We experimented and cooked up this delicious Fine Art Limited Edition print with mouthwatering florecent colours which vibrate Mat's energy and style.


Her work explores and elevates "working on outing shadow (in a Jungian sense) on a personal as well as on a societal level." She also works towards "healing a generation of men and women who have been radicalised by growing up in capitalist patriarchy - via the graphic novel Pseudo."


For more of Mat's work:



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