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'Ugly Food House' was created as a platform to develop works of art that express an honesty about contemporary culture and explore social issues.


The project was conceived during an artistic residency in London in 2014, but it was not until December 2015 in Los Angeles, where the vision was made concrete under the name of


The Ugly Food House invite national and international artists to experiment and produce high quality FineArt Limited Edition prints.

Ugly Food House, officially opened its doors in February 2016. 

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Ugly Food House aims to unite, collaborate, and experiment with creatives of all styles and techniques from all over the world. We cook, create and offer unique works of art, and Fine Art limited editions, using traditional and non- traditional printmaking techniques. All our ingredients and materials are handpicked best suited for the artist and project; to mix, cook, and sauté the finest artistic meals and deserts to feed your creative hunger ;)

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All our artists are hand picked because of their high quality, fresh styles and techniques that they continue to explore within their own artworks, themes, and concepts. We invite them to experiment, prepare, mixed up, and play with new recipes and flavors in our newly designed printmaking kitchen, studio and workshop. Each creative chef bring to the table their own traditions and cultures, to feed the world special and healthy crative cuisines.


Our vision is to be one of the most exciting, fresh, and experimental printmaking studios in the world; that connects creatives to feel inspired and healthy to create new flavors, smells and aromas, in our ever changing multicultural societies. 

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Director/ head chef / master printmaker

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Born in Mexico City, raised in Scotland, Play Is Soul Food (Ivonne Adel- Bureos) has always been drawn towards the beauty in the unwanted and refuse. Her own work experiments with everyday objects, recycling, and contemporary semiotics within urban cultures and environments. 

She experiments and mixes traditional and non- traditional printmaking and mark making techniques to create raw multi- layered works, celebrating and exploring what Play is today, and its importance in our everyday. 

During her professional Fine Art printmaking career, Ivonne has work with some of the top master printmakers, paper- makers and artists in the industry; from New York, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Manila, Jogjakarta, and Mexico. She has a healthy list of assisting and producing artworks and limited editions for international artists; creating and redefining what was traditionally thought of as printmaking.

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