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'El Ocaso'
by Said Dokins 
7 layer Screen Print on 100% cotton paper 
56 x 76cm 
Edition of 20
©2017                                     -SOLD OUT-



video link for the making of documentary: Said Dokins 'El Ocaso' :



Dokins residency at UglyFood House, creating his first fine art print, and mixing up some delicious textures in the print kitchen.
Guadalajara, Mexico


"'El Ocaso' is a fine art print edition by @Said Dokins, 7 layers of metallic inks on fine cotton paper, each layer is made with different calligraphic tools: automatic pens, Luthis pens, brushes and Japanese pens. Every detail of the production was finely cared for by Ugly Food House and printed by Ivonne Adel- Bureos and Satterugly.

The theme of the edition revolves around the sunset as a phenomenon of inspiration, where sunlight illuminates the upper layers of the atmosphere and light is refracted in all directions creating all blue and gold metallic. Also from different mythologies is in the afternoon, when the spirits of the dark arise, where a change of mood is generated towards the night, where the subject is dominated by the passion, more than by reason. Somehow also the sunset and this change towards the dark, is reflected in the tone in which the poets have approached the subject. Dokins inscribes various poems of Japanese haiku that are related to this phenomenon, in each layer is creating a texture where reflects the mood of sunset and where the sunset gives way to the rule of the Moon." ...Said Dokins

'El Ocaso' by SAID DOKINS

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