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'Flower Crazy'

The Play Room

100% cotton

Printed @uglyfooddhouse


Kids Sizes: S / M / L


'Flower Crazy' was designed by Irene. She lives by the frieght train stop in Los Reyes, La Paz, State of Mexico. 


Mexico has various frieght train stops throughout the country. Each stop is filled with many dangers that also housesmany men, women, and children. Every year the poverty population grows, with more than 10 million are children and teenagers. The government has no services to help or support these children in these violent and dangerous communities.


The Play Room is a project created to empower underpriviged kids with the importance of creativity. All profits go to the children.

Designed by kids to help & support kids

'Flower Crazy' T-Shirt with THE PLAY ROOM

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