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'Interlope Play'


Mixed medium body mono-print, screenprint, acrylic spray paint, charcol on cotton paper

95 x 68.8 cm



Created & Printed @uglyfoodhouse 2022


“We are constantly playing with our instincts to understand how we fit in our surroundings and cultures. Our instincts, our inner-child, pushes and pulls us into experiences that allow us to step out of our comfort zone, think outside the box, do, and create things that allow us to confront who we are and how we share our energies with ourselves and others. They are our superheros. They are the child that survived in us; our Playmasters, our ancestors, guiding and supporting us to be the best versions of ourselves.


‘Interlope Play’ is the exploration of one of my Play monsters that help me explore dance, music, and the language we create with out body’s. This was created to celebrate the incredible power and energy Drum n Bass music has in the world. How it connects like minded people: friends, family, and strangers.


The music we listen to influences our moods and emotions. It is an energy which inspires and motivates our mental and physical creativity. It is the seritonin which creates the feeling of happiness in us. It is our desserts.


Dance and Eat with your Play monsters.

Play to feed your soul.”




This artwork comes with a Play Is Soul Food T-shirt of your choice. Don't miss out ;)

-Feed Your Creative Hunger-


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'Interlope Play' by PLAY IS SOUL FOOD

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