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'Math Up My Wake Up'


Mixed mediun body mono-print, screen-print & compressed charcoal on 100% cotton paper 300gms

132 x 62 cm (with deckled edges)




Printed @uglyfoodhouse 2021


"From the moment we wake we are calculating the days Play adventures. Everything is connected to math, equations and calculations. There can be many solutions, processes, workings, to get to the same answer. They may be different but they are all right. They can all lead to the same solutions but with different journeys.
PLAY (life) is the same. We all get to the final answer eventually, we all have different calculations to get there, and none of the processes are wrong.
Learn, try, experiment, and Play. If we don't get the results we were looking for, try try again 😉😜😄👌

PLAY is Math. Math = FOOD for the SOUL"

                                                                                       Play Is Soul Food



The Wake Up Collection are artworks created to celebrate the morning rituals we create to begin our day. The information we consume and digest is the 'food' we feed our minds. The hand gestures printed in this pieces are inspired by the word 'food' in sign language. Language is the key to communication and expression, and comes in many forms and sounds.


For more information please contact directly to  

'Math Up My Wake Up' by PLAY IS SOUL FOOD

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