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‘Pongan A Bailar Al Perro’ (3D version)

by JIS

10 layer Screenprint on 100% cotton paper (300gms), LED lights, control, motor & wooden frame included

60 x 60 x 10 cm

Edition of 6



Created & Printed @uglyfoodhouse 2021


Masterchef JIS & Ugly Food House have been testing and tasting in the kitchen to create this new Fine Art Limited Edition piece.


JIS combines, everyday issues & humor, to create his illustrations, and stories. He likes to test and tease the viewer with lighthearted and sometimes dark humor; dabbling in social and political issues, and also referencing mexican culture.


JIS's creative passions also inclued music, and specifically Mike Patton's project, under the name, Mr. Bungle. It was this fusion of music, sounds, characters, entertainment, and color which inspired us to take this edition to a whole new level in printmaking.


 We created this gorgeous edition, of 6 only, to celebrate and remember the crazy year of 2021. This is also a reminder of the importance of music and physical interacting, not only with others, but also while feeding your own creative hunger.


This exciting new design & composition has a flat & 3D version. 


For more information & purchase details:


Both works can be viewed in person @Vago Imerial Café, Guadalajara

'Pongan A Bailar Al Perro by JIS

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