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5 layer Screen- print & Emboss on Sommerset 100% cotton paper 250gms

54 x 74.3 cm with deckle edges

Edition of 12



Printed @uglyfoodhouse 2021


Kidghe's work is a narrative immersed in abstract and non-rational language. The body of the work is built mainly with the theoretical and formal study of architecture, the reflection on the concept of modernity from a philosophical understanding, and the exploration of the sensory field that is translated by formal elements of visual communication.


Within this body of the work, the image that is constructed with different techniques and supports, has 3 formal constants, which in turn, can be understood as production guidelines and part of the theme of reflection and development: tension, movement and balance .


The beginnings of the work are fostered by an interest in the pictorial work that is public, large-format and the classic easel. In a first stage, they experimented with graffiti. This short but significant time in this urban practice shaken the taste for movement and the tension that a sign caused. In the same way, the walls were the space in which I allowed myself to experiment and, for the first time, make a crossing of different visual representation systems.


The academic training in architecture undoubtedly set the standard to design a path of knowledge that would function as the main rotor of multiple forces and knowledge.


In the last 12 years the production of work has gone through different disciplines, formats, supports and techniques: from drawing, graphics, easel painting, wooden furniture, installation, mural painting to the architectural object, but the constant that does not fade is the interest to study and explore the form.


In an abstract or non-rational way, the form, for work, constitutes the source of research and reflection that asks about its symbolic, cultural, construction, imaginary value, importance, transcendence, its tangible and intangible consequences and above all the interpretation personal of how it can be tomorrow.



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'Vibración' by KIDGHE

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