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'Waking Up To Soul Food'


Mixed medium, body mono-print, screen-print, spraypaint, collage on 100% fine cotton paper by @papelesdeponte

130 x 61 cm



Created & Printed @uglyfoodhouse 2021


"That moment before we are fully awake, our 'heads are in the clouds'. Morning Play can influence a incredible day experience. The imagination and creating exciting thoughts stimulates seritonin in the brain. Waking up to seritonin is like giving your brain a little dessert, and sometimes desserts are camouflaging surprises inside.  We can influence our body's and minds health with the games we create within ourselves, from when we wake up to when we go to sleep.


The Wake Up Collection are artworks created to celebrate the morning rituals we create to begin our day. The information we consume and digest is the 'food' we feed our minds.


The hand gestures printed in these pieces are inspired by the words 'soul' &  'food' in sign language. Language is the key to communication and expression, and comes in many forms and sounds. Communication with ourselves & others.


For more information please contact directly to  

'Waking Up To Soul Food' by PLAY IS SOUL FOOD

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