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'Waking Up Together'


Mixed mediun body mono-print, screen-print on 100% cotton paper 300gms

130 x 59 cm (with deckled edges)




Printed @uglyfoodhouse 2021


"Sometimes when we wake up we feel alone, but we should always remember the inner child that walk with us, guide us, support us, and inspire us.


Our inner child are the key to who we are, and the strength to motivate us to keep playing like the Playmasters we are".

                                                                                                   Play Is Soul Food



The Wake Up Collection are artworks created to celebrate the morning rituals we create to begin our day. The information we consume and digest is the 'food' we feed our minds. The hand gestures printed in this pieces are inspired by the words 'soul' &  'food' in sign language. Language is the key to communication and expression, and comes in many forms and sounds.


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'Waking Up Together' by PLAY IS SOUL FOOD

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