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MERRY CHRISTMAS from Ugly Food House with master JIS @Vago Imperial Café: Mosculo Tapatío y Vago Imp

Big thanks to everyone who came to the JIS Fine Art Print Release on Saturday 23rd of December @Vago Imperial Café , Guadalajara, Mexico. It was a great turnout and the whole space was filled with JIS admirers, fans and new followers💥👌💥👍

Ugly Food House is proud to present :

'Expulsado Del Paraiso' JIS 11 layer screen print on Fabriano cotton paper 45 x 45 cm Edition of only 20 signed, dated and numbered by the master himself live at the event. Printed @uglyfoodhouse 2017

As part of the Christmas spirit, we also surprised everyone who attended with a live drawing experience of JIS creating a original print with a hand drawn intervention.

'Expulsado Del Paraiso'


1 layer screen print on Fabriano cotton paper, with hand drawn intervention

45 x 45 cm


Unique piece

Printed @uglyfoodhouse


As part of the festivities this unique piece was then raffled live at Vago. All participants played a great game with some unusual twists 👌💥👍 The lucky winner of this superb original 1/1 piece was:

Damián Cervantes 💥👍💥👌💥😜😝👍

Congratulations!!! 😝 💥👌💥

Thanks again to everyone, there was a great energy throughout the day and JIS was happy to meet, sign and take photos with everyone who came. 👍👍👍

An even bigger thank you to everyone, for your patience with the publication of the full collection of JIS works: Mosculo Tapatío y Vago Imperial.

Last but not least 😝

Un GRANDE GRACIAS a JIS for sharing his incredible humor and designs with us here at Ugly Food House. It is an honor to let us share them with everyone, through the Art of Fine Art Printmaking.

All works will be available for viewing @ vagoimperialcafé in 2018 💥😝💥😝💥

Keep an eye out for the full collection. Coming super soon 😜

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