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- The PLAY ROOM - by Play Is Soul Food & Ugly Food House

Ugly Food House & Play Is Soul Food is excited and honoured to present our new project:

For the past 2 years Play Is Soul Food has been organising fundraisers specifically to help underprivileged and homeless children and their communities. The project has evolved so much that we have finally named it, The Play Room.


The Play Room aims to inspire & motivate a more self sustained environment within "the forgotten" communities. The projects focus on supplying toys, art & craft materials, books, food and water, and bringing creative workshops to these communities in harsh living conditions.

We have been working closely with a group of kids living in a small community in Los Reyes, La Paz, State of Mexico. After a lot of hard work, play, and laughter, we are proud to present the new collection of T-shirts & Tote bags available for purchase now online.

Visit our The Play Room page to see the full selection of T-shirts & Tote bags

"I wanted to create a platform, specifically for underprivileged kids, to start a new way of being creative, learning, sharing, and living. A place where they can experiment, try new things, learn new skills, and not be moulded with fear, judgment, or discrimination; which society has only shown them.

Kids in harsh conditions are forced to work to help support their families. The Play Room is a space where they can work on: learning, developing, evolving, and Playing, for a healthier well-being, not just for themselves, but also for their families and communities. We want to give the opportunity to kids to feel more confident they have a chance at becoming what they want, regardless of their situation. Everyone should be made to feel they can accomplish their dreams, no matter of their sex, race, culture or social difference.

Adults in these conditions have also fallen into the idea that there is "no way out", or that they do not have the chance to become who they want to. I hope the progress, excitement, and success of the kids help to inspire the adults also to keep playing.


All profits from The Play Room projects go towards materials, food, drink, toys and books, to underprivileged children and their families.

Our ingredients are all hand picked, fresh, and organic.

All profits go to the children and their communities.


All bags are created with 100% cotton, printed with natural pigment based inks, double stitched handles, and a strong 4 thread inner seam stitch.

Very kid resilient.

Handmade & Printed @uglyfoodhouse

Full stitching details, and The Play Room back print.

Base compartment size: 36 x 41 cm

Base & handle size: 36 x 67 cm

All T-Shirts are made from 100% cotton

Kids sizes: S / M / L

Various Colours

The Play Room is a space where underprivileged, homeless kids can develop their creative skills, learn the values of Play, & create their own artistic products for purchase, so they can help support themselves, their families, and communities.

For more information on The Play Room, or if you wish to help or donate, please email:


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