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Vibrating creativity with KIDGHE

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

'Vibración' : New Fine Art Limited Edition print by Kidghe

Created and published with Ugly Food House 2021


Mexican street artist, painter, designer, and architect, Kidghe & Ugly Food House presents a Limited Edition mixed medium print. ‘Vibración’ is a special limited edition of only 12 prints, combining screen-printing and embossing techniques to exploring and express his vision and artistic concept of line, form, and movement within our industrial urban spaces. Each print is accompanied with a unique hand bound sketchbook which include exclusive pages printed during the process of this project, and is packaged in an exquisite, custom, hand made box.

'Vibración' by KIDGHE 5 layer Screen- print & Emboss on Sommerset 100% cotton paper 250gms 54 x 74.3 cm with deckle edges Edition of 12 2021 Printed @uglyfoodhouse 2021

Kidghe's work is a narrative immersed in abstract and non-rational language. The body of the work is built mainly with the study of architecture, philosophical understanding, and the exploration of the sensory field that is translated by formal elements.

"The walls were the space in which I allowed myself to experiment and, for the first time, make a crossing of different visual representation systems.

In the last 12 years the production of work has gone through different disciplines, formats, supports and techniques: from drawing, graphics, easel painting, wooden furniture, installation, mural painting to the architectural object, but the constant that does not fade is the interest to study and explore the form more."

Payment installment plan is available.
Please contact for more details

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