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'No Rage Street' by Ugly Food

"It's time to get out and play with the world we have all created..."

'No Rage Street' is a collaboration mixed medium street piece by Ugly Food (project) painted in the heart of central Guadalajara city, Jalisco, Mexico. It can be seen at the corner of avenues Federalismo and Hidalgo facing one of the cities busiest streets. Its message is for all ages and addresses different social issues we face in contemporary consumer society today.

Ugly Food celebrate the raw energy big cities inhabit, including what can be found in the more undesirable corners and public spaces; with layers of 'garbage', pollution, waste, refuse. The mixed medium cityscape background, is clouded with foggy messages raining "Niños nunca paren de jugar (kids never stop playing)...Adults don't forget your inner child...(and) ...elevate the ordinary". Ugly Food's work regularly play with their written messages, raising points, and challenging traditional and contemporary philosophies on aesthetics, and the consequences of mass consumerism surrounding us now.

The cityscape mirrors many churches in the city but have been turned into television temples; commenting on the idea of our television culture mutated into another religious mass. Drawings of television screens, with "get off the couch" written over them, layers the perspective creating a real urban wall texture and a sensation of the history, within the street surfaces.

2 children (possibly Ugly Food) are inviting and also protecting the chaotic world floating behind them; riding through the dripping clouds, on their 'Mad Max' style motor tricycle and Hells Angeles appearance. The two characters represent Ugly Food project: the questions of what is ugly and beautiful in our contemporary society, reminders of our alter egos, elevating the ordinary, not forgetting the importance of play, and never forgetting your inner-child.

This collaboration invite you remember to see the:

"messy concrete jungle we all share and live in as the never-ending wonderland it is; full of games both for adults and children, nurturing but also can be cruel. At the end of the day everything should be some kind of party. The ultimate endless adventure, sharing memories with everyone, consciously and unconsciously. It's time to get out and play with the world we have all created, and eat the awesome energy created by all the kids and adults we live beside. Remember we share the world with real people, it's time to reconnect with open minds."

More works by Ugly Food will be popping up in the city this year with word of a combination of sneaky shows and events.


Ugly Food House

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