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Empowered by words you can see. Inspired by the words you can’t.

UGLY FOOD HOUSE is excited to present the 1st of 3 Limited Edition prints by Mexican Street Artist, and Calligraphy master, Said Dokins.

The new collection, ‘Ghosting Series: HIDDEN WORDS’, combines conceptual art, printmaking, and calligraphy, to present the deeper story and insight in Dokins’s concept of “Ghosting” within his work and projects.

This first Edition, ‘Ghosting Series: HIDDEN WORDS #01’, is a large 4 layer screen print on 100% fine cotton paper. Stirred in with metallics, matts, glosses, and transparencies, this piece invites the viewer to interact, to move around and look closer; to reveal its hidden textures, layers and messages.



"It addresses the notion of 'phantasmagorie' of the late eighteenth century, a series of optical illusions that referred to horror. If we think of contemporary society, phantasmagoria would appear as that hidden aspect of the illusion of progress. It seems that history teaches us that there is no way to repair the ruins that we are leaving through time and that concealment, that denial of the remains is what appear in reality in the form of a ghost".

-Said Dokins-


‘Ghosting Series: HIDDEN WORDS #01' will only be available for purchase on our online store, at our special offer, from Friday 27th March to Sunday 5th of April 23:59 (Mexico time).

You can purchase it through the Ugly Food House website or directly by email: From the 6th of April ‘Ghosting Series: HIDDEN WORDS #01’ will be archived and unavailable for purchase until a later date (at official full price)


Public Release SALE:

27th March - 00:00 - 5th April 2020 - 23:59

(Mexico time)

‘Ghosting Series: HIDDEN WORDS #01 $299.00 usd

(Official Price $420.00 usd)



(shipping fee cost depending on country destination)

Please email for more info:


(Mini-video of Ugly Food House chop of authenticity and quality)

‘Ghosting Series: HIDDEN WORDS #01

will not be available for purchase at special offer price after 5th April 23:59

(Mexico time).

For more info: For more information on Said Dokins work and projects, please visit the websites below, or contact directly through email:


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