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Demina Play House GRAND OPENING!!!

Play Is Soul Food Art exhibition + Opening of Demina Play House printmaking workshop, gallery & showroom

Lunar Soul Food:

Friday 18th November 21:30 - 02:00

Demina Laboratorio de Artes, Ugly Food House, Play Is Soul Food & Acatiki Bajo El Mar, have partnered up to create a new mixed medium printmaking studio, gallery & showroom in the heart of Acapulco. This multi-disciplinary arts space, called Demina Play House, will officially open its doors on Friday 18th of November. Opening this new creative venture will be a solo art exhibition by Scottish/ Mexican/ German printmaker, Play Is Soul Food. This new collection of works is titled Lunar Soul Food. The Demina Play House project is a new space in Demina Laboratorio de Artes (2nd floor), created to provide workshops, residencies, exhibitions, and sponsorships, to creatives of all ages. Its mission is to elevate and revive the importance of the arts and creative culture for the communities in Acapulco, and the impact it once had in Mexico and internationally.

The opening event includes a collaboration with Tribu Lunar (Cholula), Hot Cakes (CDMX), Atz Visuals (CDMX), and Reacción Acapulco (Acapulco), to create a multidisciplinary event combining, visual art with electronic music, and digital media; an environment to stimulate all the senses. Live Dj sets will included artists such as Miel (Acapulco), Blue Vet (CDMX), Moira IK (Cholula), and Negro- Funkee (Cholua), with digital visual created by Acapulco resident Alinne Solis (Atz Visuals). This even will also celebrate its opening with a public raffle for a chance to win a fine art limited edition print recently created by Play Is Soul Food for ‘Lunar Soul Food’. All proceeds will help to create, for Acapulco’s communities, workshops, life drawing sessions, art residencies, and exhibitions in Demina Play House.

‘Lunar Soul Food’ consists of more than 10 artworks and temporary installations; mixed medium unique prints and limited editions, exploring the theme of nightlife cultures, music, and dance. Play Is Soul Food has created large, medium, and small-scale works with her body mono-printing, intaglio and relief printmaking, screen-printing, collage, and hand drawn and painted elements. ‘Lunar Soul Food’ is an evolution of Play’s ideas, concepts and printmaking techniques which she has been exploring and practicing throughout her artistic career.

Play Is Soul Food layers traditional and non-traditional printmaking and mark-making techniques reflecting her inspirations from Ives Kline, Kurt Schwitters, Tapies, Robert Rauschenberg, and many other masters. Her body mono-prints contain elements of sign language, real life moments of dance, and reacting to how music connects us and how we communicate in contemporary society.

Play Is Soul Food has worked and lived all over the world as a solo artist and also as a technical printmaker in the top Fine Art printmaking studios including Pace editions (NYC), and Singapore Tyler Print Institute (Singapore). Her life dream has always been to live and work in Mexico to help create a positive change through her experimental printmaking processes. She originally started her 12 year Mexico adventure in Acapulco in 2010, where she teamed with organisations such as Mas Musica Menos Balas, Reaccion Acapulco, and Proesha SC, gaining support from Harvard’s cultural department and Belle Foundation sponsorship. After being forced to leave because of the economical difficulties due to the harsh social conditions created by the drug war and corruption in Acapulco at the time, she has permanently returned to the city to fulfil her artistic, social, and cultural missions as Play Is Soul Food, which is not only her personal artistic project but also a movement and platform for social change.

Demina Play House is founded by Jeanette Rojas Dib (also founder of Demina Laboratorio de Artes & Acatiki Bajo El Mar, Acapulco) & Ivonne Adel Bureos (a.k.a Play Is Soul Food & founder of Ugly Food House Art & Design Studio, CDMX). Together they are collaborating to provide a new space not only for the visual arts, but also performance, film, theatre, and music.

Lunar Soul Food:

Friday 18th November - Thursday 1st December 2022

Demina Play House

Gallery, Workshop & Showroom opening hrs:

Wednesday - Saturday 10:00 - 18:30

Sunday 12:00 - 17:00

Closed Saturday 19th of November

Links & contact information:

Tel: +52 55 31518816


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