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Fundraiser for kids


As the pandemic has created many difficulties all over the world, here at Ugly Food House we have collaborated with Play Is Soul Food to organize a fundraiser to help homeless children in Mexico.

Ugly Food House merchandise & Play Is Soul Food artworks and prints, will donate 20% to raising funds for buying toys, games, arts and crafts materials, and books for the homeless children in Los Reyes, in the State of Mexico, Mexico.

Los Reyes is located on the boarder of Mexico City and the State of Mexico and is also the home of Ugly Food House. Mexico has a high homelessness population and due to lack of help from the government and failing social services, not all children have the opportunity to attend school and are made to work at a very young age.

Education is a serious issue all over the world and many children and young adults survive their whole lives from the money they make on a daily basis from begging or busking. The money they make goes to their families for food and the bare essentials. They don't have money for toys, books, arts and crafts materials, to help nourish and feed their creative hunger and imagination.

Ugly Food House and Play Is Soul Food hope to help raise funds to donate to homeless children so they have a opportunity to play more like children should be allowed to play, and inspire them to learn and share. Play, teaches.

Here are a few pieces pieces that will donate to the fundraiser. All works involved in the fundraiser have been tagged with: Day of the Children Fundraiser. All products available on Shop page.

​Purchased items which will donate to homeless children in Los Reyes:

If you would like to only donate for the fundraiser, please click on the donate button at the bottom of the Home page.

All donations are welcome.



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