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Master printmaker Play Is Soul Food in Sacramento, California

Ugly Food House master printmaker and artist Ivonne Adel- Bureos, A.K.A Play Is Soul Food, performed her first ever live performance at Fin Lei Lei Art Space during a weekend stay in Sacramento, California.

Shortly after arriving in California towards the end of February this year, Play Is Soul Food was invited to create a live printing event for the exciting Lin Fei Fei Art Space which is home to many underground and erotic female artists and designers.

The Play Dirty collection focuses on exposing themes of adulthood: self satisfaction, eroticism, and activities of the sexual nature within ones self & with others.

"Society has created so many walls between the sexes and after living and witnessing the repression of women sexually, all over the world, I created this platform to express, share, learn, and evolve how we all communicate each other. Women's sexuality is still a big taboo in many cultures, and in those cultures and communities, women have been deprived from expressing a vital, natural, and healthy activity.

The lack of sexual education worldwide has to change. Communication and honesty is key for us to evolve as a society. Equality is key to respect and progress within the sexes and within all generations."

- Play Is Soul Food -

During this live performance Play Is Soul Food created a multi-layered, mixed medium body print and drawing, which touches the concept of walking with your angels and demons. The work elevates the importance for adults to remember the fundamentals and necessity of play throughout everyones lives, and how our instinct (inner child) and honesty about our desires, is key for our societies & cultures to evolve in a more united front.

Thanks to an amazing team we were able to document and share this never before seen process & experience:

Amazing Photography by Tom Huynh & Jan Zeboski

Outstanding printmaking assistance by Sefano

Incredible Videography by Holly Portman

Mind blowing gallery assistance by Jade Jacobs

and a special thanks to Lin Fei Fei artspace & Broderick Roadhouse for making it all happen. Without Lin Fei Fei & Chris Jarosz, none of this could have happened. Mucho love always xx

Video performance will be available shortly ;) xxx


Play Is Soul Food will be performing her next body print works, followed by her next Solo Show, at the urban contemporary artspace Anno Domini

Performance - Saturday 27th of March -

Exhibition - Friday 7th of May - Monday 12th of June -

To reserve your space for the next performance, and more details on the project, please contact Anno Domini :

"Anno Domini is a celebrated San Jose art gallery devoted to contemporary art and artists. The gallery has a specific focus on urban contemporary art and culture. Founded in 2000, the gallery has hosted a wide array of exhibitions that include up-and-coming artists as well as emerging art forms. If you are intrigued by cutting edge art, you'll find this to be a phenomenal place to explore. The gallery, in spite of its youth, has been listed within the top 100 art galleries worldwide, making it a must-visit attraction for art aficionados."

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design

366 S. 1st St.

San Jose, CA 95113


art • music • performance • life


A special thanks also to The Westin San Jose for the incredible and generous support for this exciting new chapter in the Play Is Soul Food project.





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